The Welsch Master Team

The WMTeam

Years’ worth of history!

The Welsch Master Team (WMTeam) was created by Myriam Bertholet-Laala in June 2016 with the aim of securing a spot for Gym For Life 2017 in Oslo. It was an unusual idea: to bring together the elite of Apparatus Gymnastics in French-speaking Switzerland in a production combining floor and vault disciplines, dance and acrobatics of all kinds. The goal of the group is to take part in international events that are inaccessible to traditional gymnastics companies.

But the story doesn’t end there. Given the enthusiasm of the gymnasts and the popularity of the group, the Welsch Master Team continues to exist to this day.

WMT 2.5

The WMTeam is packed with gymnasts from French-speaking Switzerland with impressive track records, both as a company and as individuals. Around fifty athletes train in the biggest clubs in Romandy (Vaud, Valais, Fribourg, Neuchâtel, Jura and Geneva) and have an exceptional gymnastics career as well as track records to show that demonstrate the high level of athleticism in the WMTeam.

In 2018, the group has tried to innovate their work and decided to create an inflatable floor surface measuring 14m x 14m, which enables them to perform even more impressive acrobatics, as well as 6 mini AirFloors (MAF) manufactured in close collaboration with Alder Eisenhut. Both of them have become the group’s trademark.

The construction of an airtrack of this size is a first in Switzerland, giving the WMTeam the exclusive right to own this exceptional equipment.

Past events

This is the big AirFloor:

As well as:

Gym For Life 2025

The WMTeam’s next adventure will be to take part in the World Gym For Life 2025 in Lisbon.

The Gym for Life Challenge is a worldwide competition that gives federations the opportunity to measure themselves against each other and to be judged by experts in mainstream gymnastics.

At the end of the competition, a ranking is given and the 14 best groups have the opportunity to present their production at the World Gym for Life Gala, which closes the competition and crowns the WORLD GROUP CHAMPION.

Having already taken part in the 2017 final, the WMTeam’s goal is to get there again in a bid to win the title. After the success in Norway and all the work the group put in, the WMTeam adventure will not stop there. New objectives have been set for a brand new show.